Hi it’s Dr. Rosenberg here…

This short immunity message is for any free thinker, and it’s urgent.


Based on the evidence I’ve seen, I believe there’s something terrible coming our way…

Something that will make the last few years look mild in comparison.

Our freedom - and our health - are being attacked in a way that used to be unthinkable.

And to be clear: I’m not a conspiracy theorist…

I’m A Doctor, A Scientist,
And A Medical Realist

I earned my MD from the Georgetown School of Medicine…

And I specialize in patients with cancer, and
compromised immunity.

I used to serve in the Army, and I ran the
Emergency Department at the Walter Reed
Army Medical Center…

reed army medical

Yet right now, members of my own government now
have a target on my back.

You see, about ten years ago, I took stage-four cancer patients out of the country, to treat them with a new therapy I created.

It saved their lives, and they’re still healthy and in remission today.

The treatment is now headed to a phase-1 clinical trial…

But since it wasn’t recognized by federal agencies back then…

I Made Some Powerful Enemies…
And They’d Like To See Me Silenced

So believe me - I know what it’s like to distrust the people who are supposed to keep us safe and healthy.

Sure, there’s evidence that the origins of our health crisis go right to the top of the globalist elite…

globalist elite

Yet here’s what’s undeniable:

They’re not letting this crisis go to waste.

Klaus Schwab - the chairman of the World Economic Forum - said…

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow
window to… reset our world.”

And as it relates to your health, it’s happening in the sneakiest way possible:

Through your immune system.

You see, your immune system doesn’t just keep you safe and healthy…

Your Immune System Is Literally Your
“Master Switch” For Energy, Mobility
and Mental Clarity

If it’s strong and healthy, you feel great… you feel
alive… and you’re resilient and strong.

But when it’s stressed and overworked, you feel
tired… you’re foggy… you’re achy…

…and you’re much more likely to get sick.

Not only that, but ongoing immune stress - also known as chronic inflammation…

It’s a root cause of our deadliest diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, and Cancer.

So if someone wanted an excuse to impose wave after wave of government mandates…

Bill Gates

If they wanted to open the door to digital health passports… and contact tracing…

If they wanted to drive more people into a centrally managed, so-called “eco-friendly” food supply…

And if they wanted to…

Enforce Compliance Through The
Healthcare System…

…well, an attack on the immune system would be the perfect “back door” opportunity.

Now whether or not you share my concerns, here’s an irrefutable truth:

In the past few years, we’ve seen tremendous harm to the immunocompromised:

The old, the overweight, and those with pre-existing immune stress.

over 55 So this is especially important if you’re over 55…
belly fat If you’re more than ten pounds overweight…
tired man Or if you often find yourself feeling tired, foggy or “down.”

Because despite the never ending mandates…

…and all the things they told us we had to do…

The Risks Continue To Grow

The MSM has been extremely soft on this administration…

But those of us paying attention are deeply alarmed.

We see cases of cross-contamination between humans and deer…

…laying the groundwork for an explosion of mutations.

We see the stunning rise of “long” conditions…

Laying dormant in the body like a spring-loaded trap…

…and ready to break out during periods of acute immune stress.

And we see the cases of RNA altering DNA…

And even inserting itself into the human genome - especially in liver cells.


In my medical opinion, we’re yet to see the worst of what’s to come.

And unfortunately, there’s no cure for the conditions I’m talking about.

So Here’s What I’ve Been Doing For
My Patients

First, I’ve given them each a simple one-minute, immunity stress test…

It’s a simple, free way to check in on your immune system every day…

immune-boosting foods

…and doing it daily could save your life.

So I’ll be sharing that with you shortly, along with my immune health guidelines…

…and my top recommendations for immune-boosting foods, and my supplement suggestions.

Nothing I’m about to share is intended to diagnose cure, prevent, or treat any diseases.

But in times like these…

It’s Important Not To Get
“Too Comfortable.”

And despite the risks, many of my patients
are becoming stronger, healthier, more
energetic, and more resilient.

Immunity isn’t something you only do in the winter,
or once you get sick.

It’s something you do day in, day out…

And if you pay attention right now, you don’t need to give up your life or your freedoms…

doctor writing

But you do need to be a free thinker…

Some of what I share is going to expose - and disprove - much of what doctors and health authorities have been saying so far.

So how can I be sure that it’s right?

Well, let me tell you about my background, and how I came to discover this.

Again, my name is Dr. Mark Rosenberg.


I’m an Emergency Room Doctor, an oncology
researcher, and I run a private medical clinic in Boca
Raton, Florida.

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and my MD from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

I then went on to serve in the US Army, and
completed my residency at the Brooke Army
Medical Center,
where I received the “Teacher and
Resident of the Year” award.

Dr mark rosenberg md

I quickly fell in love with emergency medicine, and spent the next twenty years working and managing emergency departments.

It Was So Rewarding To Save Peoples’
Lives Every Day

But over time, I became infuriated with the
healthcare system.

Sure, I was elected to numerous boards and

Yet I found that doctors and hospitals were slow to

Healthcare system

It was like they resisted any ideas that challenged their orthodoxy.

They were all about treating the conditions…

preventing these conditions

But no one was talking about preventing these conditions.

My frustration continued to grow… but it didn’t boil over until August 12, 2004.

That’s the day that my Mom walked into my ER, complaining that she was short of breath.

Ninety minutes later, with her CT scan in my
hand, I did the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I Looked My Mom In The Eye, And Told Her
She Had Less Than A Year To Live

It was advanced-stage cancer.

I did my best to be strong and professional, but the dam burst the moment she left the
hospital, and tears began pouring down my face.

My frustration was overwhelming.

I’d saved tens of thousands of lives with my own hands… but I had no good answers for my Mom, and indeed, I lost her within the year.

Driving home from work that night, I decided to
quit the ER

She had less than a year to live

I devoted the rest of my life to preventative medicine.

And now that I’ve spent over twenty years running a research center, treating thousands more patients, there’s one thing that I can say for sure:

A Healthy Immune System Is The
Difference Between Sickness, And Vitality

Difference between feeling down and feeling great

It’s the difference
between feeling down,
and feeling great.

Difference between being vulnerable and being resilient

It’s the difference
between being
vulnerable, and being

And it’s the first thing I address with patients.

Here’s the simple way to think about your immune system:

Your immune system is a security force, patrolling your body, and defending against “foreign invaders.”

And the “first responders” in your immune system are little proteins called cytokines.

They swarm to where the invaders are, mount the first attack, and call in reinforcements.

For example - if you cut your hand, a wound opens, and foreign invaders like bacteria try to get in.


That’s When Your Immune System
Unleashes Cytokines

Unleashes Cytokines

These cytokines go into “attack mode,” and the area
gets painful and inflamed while they fight the

Then, once the bacteria has been neutralized, the cytokines recede, and the wound heals.

Or how about a “whole body” invader, like a cold, or
a flu?

In this case, your cytokines are unleashed across your whole body, which is why you get tired,
achy and foggy - there are battles going on

Your lymph nodes swell up too - those are the “war rooms” for your immune system, where your immune cells coordinate their attacks.

Then, after the cold or flu has been eliminated, the cytokines begin to retreat…

They go back into “patrol” mode, and you feel great again!

This sort of healthy, balanced immune activity is exactly what it means to have a healthy, strong immune system.

Patrol mode

When there aren’t any invaders, it’s in “patrol” mode.

And when an invader gets in, it unleashes your cytokines, and goes into “attack” mode.

So What Does It Mean To Have A
“Weak” Immune System?

Well, most of my patients guess that it has to do with a “weak” cytokine response.

But the answer can be exactly the opposite!

People with a “weak” immune system have overactive cytokines…

Weak immune system have overactive cytokines

Like little stressed-out patrolmen, ready to attack at the slightest provocation.

So I always tell patients that “weak” isn’t really the right word.

Instead, we say that an unhealthy immune system is stressed.

When people are stressed out, they’re likely to be quick to anger, right?

Maybe they pick fights too easily, and say things they regret!

Well, it’s the exact same with your immune system.

Unhealthy immune system is stressed

Allergies and asthma, for example, are when a stressed out immune system unleashes cytokines to attack otherwise harmless invaders, like dust and peanuts.

And autoimmune conditions, like type 1 diabetes and arthritis, usually happen when cytokines attack the body’s own tissue.

In all cases…

It’s A Stressed-Out, Overactive
Immune System That Makes You Tired,
Foggy And Sick

Now let’s talk about “cytokine storms” - these have put a lot of people into the ER in the past few years.

They start when a new “invader” enters the body.

You can guess what happens next: immune cells send cytokines to the scene, and the attack begins.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Some people develop symptoms

Some people develop
flu symptoms

Some people feel alittle down

Some people feel a
little down

And others feel nothing

And others feel
nothing at all.

But in some people, their body completely overreacts to this invader, and sends in so many cytokines that a “storm” erupts.

This cytokine storm is so overwhelming, that it begins to damage lung tissue.

According to Dr. Stanley Perlman, a virologist at the University of Iowa,

“That’s when we end up with a lot of these really severe inflammatory conditions like pneumonia, shortness of breath, inflammation of the airway, and so forth.”

The university of lowa

Where it goes from there depends on the person.

Once unleashed in the body, this cytokine storm can travel through the bloodstream to other organs…

…including the liver, the heart and the brain, where the damage continues.

So Why Does This Happen To
Some People, And Not Others?

Well, the immune system is so complex.

It’s difficult to point to just one root cause.

It could be genetic

It could be genetic - some people are born with more aggressive cytokines… just like some people are born with a more aggressive personality.

It could be age related

It could be age-related… the older we get, the more battles our immune system has had to fight, and the more stressed it becomes over the years.

Pre existing condition

It could be a pre-existing condition like asthma, diabetes or obesity… all of these increase immune stress, and cytokine activity.

Could even be environmental

It could even be environmental… we’re exposed to a lot of chemicals in our food, air and water.

(In just a moment, I’ll reveal several foods which can trigger a cytokine attack, because this is becoming a big problem.)

Most often, though, immune stress is caused by a combination of all of the above.

So Here Are Two Blood Tests To Ask
Your Doctor To Order

Since there are so many variables, I always order two tests on my patients’ blood panels - c-reactive protein, and sedimentation rate.

These tests don’t measure cytokines directly, but they can tell you if your immune system is stressed out, and they’re the best that most LabCorp and Quest offices can do right now.

So I’d encourage you to ask your doctor to order these blood tests, too.

Doctor to order

Immune stress is a root cause of four of our country’s top killers:

Heart disease

Heart Disease






Lower Respiratory

So it’s important to catch it early…

And it’s why I ask patients to…

Do This Quick, Simple
Immunity Stress Test Daily

The first question is: “on a scale of 1-10, how is my energy today?”


Remember - when cytokines are out of control, it drains energy from the rest of your body.

So of course, energy levels plummet down to a 2 or a 3 when you’re sick.

But if your cytokines are always overactive - because of age, health conditions or otherwise - your energy levels can get stuck somewhere between 4 and 6…

...and to me, that’s a big red flag, and a sign that much worse things could be coming.

The next question is: “on a scale of 1-10, how clear and upbeat is my thinking?”


When overactive cytokines get into the brain, they can activate glial cells - which is exactly what happens when someone gets a concussion.

That can really cloud your mind and depress your thinking…

It’s like a bunch of traffic accidents in the brain, all happening during rush hour.

And since you don’t have any pain receptors in your brain, you’ll often experience this as fogginess, or a depressed mood.

Mind and depress your thinking

So if someone’s mood or mental clarity dips below 7, for more than 7 days in a row, I take it seriously…

...especially because too much cytokine activity in the brain, has been
linked to long term mental decline, dementia, and worse.

Moving on to Question 3: “on a scale of 1-10, how comfortable is my digestion?”

Inflamed digestive tract

Frequent gas and bloating can be a sign of an inflamed digestive tract.

That’s where the gut gets weakened - and
sometimes even ruptured - by overactive cytokine activity.

And that can lead to all sorts of health issues, so it’s definitely something we want to track.

Now of course, I’d expect someone to record a “2” if they ate a big plate of beans and broccoli the night before…

...but if they’re often at a five or below, that’s when I like to order stool samples to
investigate further.

And question four is, “on a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are my joints?”


Cytokines often deposit in joints, where their attacks become annoying, and in some cases, immobilizing.

That’s usually what precedes arthritis, so if a patient’s joint comfort is less than 6 for too many days in a row, I want to hear about it.

Cytokines often deposit in joints


Tally Up Your Points Every Day
To See How Ready You Are

Because look - you might have a few nights of
bad sleep, and feel tired and foggy for a
few days…

Few nights of bad sleep

...that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

But if your combined score is 20 or lower, for more
than 7 days in a row, that could mean your cytokines are out of control…

...and that’s when you want to take action.

Here’s an easy fix:

I recommend that patients get on an
anti-inflammatory diet.

That’s because I want to limit their cytokine response to food.

Heres an easy fix

Most people have heard about inflammation, but don’t know exactly what it is.

This Is What Inflammation Actually Is


It’s when cytokines are
unleashed, and a part of your body gets “heated up” by the cytokine attack.

This is ok - and helpful! - in small doses, like when you get a cut or a cold.

But if it goes on for too long, it becomes chronic, and that’s when it causes real issues.

Far too many Americans eat foods that provoke a nonstop, low-grade cytokine response.

The specifics are too long for me to share here…

…but I’ve created an Anti-Inflammatory Eating Handbook, and I’ll share how to get that
for free, in just a minute.

Here Are Three Quick
Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tricks:

Make these changes, and I’m confident you’ll have better immune health, energy and clarity.

First up is palm oil.

It pops up in a lot of snack foods these days – even so called “healthy” snacks like almond butters and protein bars - so be sure to read labels.

Most of this stuff goes through a process that makes it look like a foreign invader to the body, so it can create a lot of immune system stress.

Palm oil

A second food to look out for, is
any meat or dairy that’s not grass fed.

Most big farms feed corn to their cows, which their digestive systems aren’t made for.

When these poor cows eat corn, it becomes a highly inflammatory fat in their bodies.

And when we eat this meat, it can provoke a cytokine response.

So try to buy grass-fed meat and dairy whenever possible.

Dairy thats not grass fed

And a third big risk, is any food with hydrogenated fats.

Usually it shows up on a label as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.”

It’s found in french fries, margarine, vegetable shortening, and store-bought baked goods.

Now that sounds like a lot, but in my Anti-Inflammatory Eating Handbook, I’ll show how easy it is to make substitutions.

Any food with hydrogenated fats

For example, instead of French fries, try sweet potatoes, baked in coconut oil until they’re crispy.

And of course, it’s easy to swap out margarine for grass-fed butter.

The studies on hydrogenated fats are extensive, and conclusive:

They add a lot of stress to your immune system, and they put you at risk when bigger threats come along…

I understand that you want comfort foods when times are tough.

And you don’t have to give them up!

So please, stick around and download my
Anti-Inflammatory Eating Handbook for free.

Just a few simple and easy changes can calm your immune system,
and limit the cytokine response to the food you eat.

Remember, my goal isn’t to just help you survive…

I Want You To Become Healthier, Stronger
And Even More Resilient

And you want that too, then there are two specific cytokines you need to watch out for.

They’re known as IL-6, and TNF-alpha.

You can think of them as the “Incredible Hulks” of your immune system.

They’re incredibly powerful, yes.

Stronger and even more resilient

But they can also be reckless and destructive, and hard to contain once they’re unleashed.

I first discovered these two “psycho killers” while studying tumor cells, and I immediately zero’d in on them as a risk.

For example... TNF-alpha is proven to cause painful inflammation in overworked joints1

If it gets activated in the brain, it can cause neuroinflammation.2

Cytokines begin attacking healthy tissue

And influenza virus studies have shown that TNF-alpha is responsible for cytokine storms…

That’s when a frenzy of out-of-control cytokines begin attacking healthy tissue.3

And that leads me to IL-6.

This cytokine has been found in high
concentrations, in people with life-ending
respiratory viruses.4

That was no surprise to me: when this cytokine is out of control, it’s responsible for all sorts of problems.5,6

Two researchers showed – by reviewing 87 separate studies - that it could be responsible for asthma and COPD.7

Another major study showed how badly it can impact the joints.8

Perhaps that’s why pharmaceutical companies are focusing their efforts on controlling this specific cytokine.9

Two researchers showed

Who Knew That Two Little Cytokines
Could Cause SO Much Suffering?

I’ve been booked solid with calls and speeches to share my research.

This is all I’ve been focused on since the fateful day that my Mom appeared in my Emergency Room.

It’s what I’ve taught through my fellowship, and what I’ve lectured on, to rooms of thousands of doctors.

It’s why I was elected to the board of the American Association of
Anti-Aging Medicine…


...a group that trains tens of thousands of the most forward-thinking doctors in America and around the world.

All because of the question that kept me up nights… that haunted me…

“What Could I Have Done To Improve
My Mother’s Health?”

And when it came to her immune system, all of my research kept leading back to the same place:

A family of plant-based compounds called Flavonoids.


Flavonoids are the defense compounds in some of
nature’s healthiest plants:

Green tea

Green Tea

Red cherries

Red Cherries



Purple grapes

Purple Grapes

Raw cocoa

Raw Cocoa

and many others…

Originally discovered in 1936, by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, it wasn’t until recently that scientists discovered what they could do for the immune system.

Countless studies have now shown that flavonoids can help us live long, healthy, vibrant lives.

And these same exhaustive studies showed that flavonoids are extremely effective at promoting healthy, balanced cytokine activity - yes, even IL-6 and TNF-alpha.

Yet as excited as I was to discover all of these benefits, further research took a discouraging turn.

Dr albert szent gyorgyi

To get the full benefits that flavonoids bring to the immune system, and support lifelong health and vitality…

I learned that…

It Simply Wouldn’t Be Possible To
Get These Immunity All-Stars From
A Reasonable Diet

For one thing, modern farming practices have depleted our soil of its nutrients…

…so modern fruits and vegetables are significantly lower in vital nutrients like flavonoids.

By some estimates, we now need 10 servings of some plants to get the same nutrients as we’d get in just one serving from fifty years ago!

Servings of some plants

And unfortunately, the nutrient content can be degraded even further during the long process of picking, storing, shipping and delivering to the supermarket.

When our ancestors wanted to eat a fresh fruit or vegetable, they would pull it out of the ground, and enjoy it then and there.

Most flavonoids require high

This is why I encourage my patients to buy from farmer’s markets whenever they can, but I also understand that many Americans don’t have the time or money for this.

And even if they did, most flavonoids require high, pure concentrations for their benefits to be realized.

For example, someone would have to drink 8-16 cups of green tea every day, to get the immune-supporting benefits that it’s flavonoids can offer. And…

With Over 6,000 Different Flavonoids,
Which Ones Would Deliver Real Relief?

My Institute for Healthy Aging gave me the perfect opportunity to find out.

Some patients who come to see me are very sick, and I’m the “last hope.”


Patients like Doris, who wrote…

Dr. Rosenberg has been treating me for a rare & aggressive uterine cancer for the last 3 1/2 years. I am cancer free & enjoying an active lifestyle. He is on the cutting edge of cancer treatments & has lectured his peers on his methods at Harvard University & is loved by all the patients I have met in his office. I cannot praise this remarkable physician enough.


Or this patient, who asked to remain anonymous:

He is the most knowledgeable, incredible, caring, and thorough doctor. For over 30 plus years I have been misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have suffered with every symptom and at least 15 doctors with the same incorrect diagnosis. Not until I visited with Dr. Rosenberg was I able to finally receive the help and healing back to good health.


Other patients simply want to work with a physician who is at the front-lines of research, like this patient of mine…

I am a MD and he goes way beyond all others. Dr. Rosenberg is one of a kind. He is the doctor you wait 30 years for. He is far ahead of the current medical knowledge curve. He knows all the latest medical literature information. I am a MD and I tell everyone he is the smartest and best doctor I have ever known. What makes him so special is his dedication to make me better.

It’s an honor to receive these sorts of reviews, and I feel the same way about my patients.

They’re the ones who trust this “maverick” research doctor!

So over a decade ago,

I Began To Incorporate Flavonoids
Into Many Patient Treatments…

...starting with one that’s finally becoming popular, called quercetin.

No one was talking about it back then, but there’s a bounty of clinical data, showing its effectiveness in regulating both TNF-alpha10, and IL-611.

And what’s really interesting is that quercetin can provide targeted Il-6 support in the lungs12.

And boy, my patients sure felt it.

Better energy and mental clarity

For some, it was better energy and mental clarity.

Breathing better

Others immediately started breathing better.

Bloating disappeared

Quite a few said that their bloating disappeared.

Incredible relief in their joints

And others still had incredible relief in their joints.

Now this was really something else. Because…

These Are The Exact Results
You’d Expect With A Healthy, Balanced
Immune System...

…and healthy, normal IL-6 and TNF-alpha activity.

Recall that those two “Incredible Hulk”
cytokines can cause a lot of problems in your
lungs, your joints, and your brain…

Balanced immune system

...so I was extremely pleased to see real world results.

Remember - my real goal is to support optimal immune health, and make my patients strong, energized and resilient.

So when clinical trials, blood tests, and subjective results all line up, that’s a really big deal.

The same way that low energy, fogginess, bloating and achiness are warning signs of a stressed out immune system…

...we have high confidence that we’re supporting
optimal immune health

When energy

when energy
levels rise…

When clarity

when clarity

When digestion

when digestion
is comfortable…

When its easy

when it’s easy
to breath

Joint movement is comfortable

and when joint movement is comfortable.

Spurred on by this exciting finding, my hunt for other flavonoids accelerated to a feverish pace.

And after months of in-depth analysis, testing with patients, and self-administration...

I’m happy to report that quercetin is…

Just One Of Seven Flavonoids
That Can Support Immunity, Vitality,
Energy And Resilience

The next step became clear to me.

I began to help more patients source these seven flavonoids, from reputable suppliers.

It wasn’t cheap, but the results were nothing short of miraculous.


Marie, a 63 year old, who was complaining of intermittent fatigue and occasional sleeplessness reported that within 5 days of starting on the formula, her energy levels shot up, her stress declined significantly, and she started sleeping soundly through the night.


Nick, an overworked and burnt-out 46 year old mutual fund manager “felt so much better” and was able to “stop dragging” at work and rediscover the joy and confidence he felt in his late 20’s.


Chantelle, a patient of mine who had gained over 15 pounds in the last 2 years, checked in with me at the 30 day mark. She told me that she was waking up full of energy every day, and that her weight had already dropped considerably, with all of the new activity in her life.

Over the next six months, as the safety of this formula proved itself, I rolled it out to more patients, and the outcome was almost always the same.


Within seven to fourteen days, patients felt as if their bodies and lives had been “restored.”

They were showing all of the improvements I’d expect from a healthy, balanced immune system.

And best of all, their blood tests confirmed what they were feeling:

This Was No Mere Placebo Effect

They were actually getting healthier and more resilient.

Many told me that for the first time in years they were able to do the things they once loved…

Gardening during the day, and then keeping up with their families through the afternoon and evening.

Bicycling, jogging, hiking and other athletic activities that they thought were behind them.

Gardening during the day

Still more reported that their moods improved dramatically, and that they were more motivated to be social and active.

That’s when I began to search for a manufacturer.

And I insisted on maintaining my standard of purity and ingredient quality.

I knew that this product would be going out into my clinic, and to partner clinics.

Real People, With Real Health Issues
Would Be Taking It…

…so nothing less than the best would do.

Now I have to tell you… finding a facility up to my standards wasn't an easy task.

Many supplement facilities either use outdated technology, or they don’t take the proper steps to ensure the purity of their products.

My team and I placed test orders at some of the biggest manufacturers in the country, and to be honest, our findings were alarming.

We performed DNA tests on the samples we received, and found upsetting differences between what we’d ordered, and what they produced.

Taking it

But after three months, we connected with a CGMP-certified facility…


They were experienced in phytonutrient production, and had a long track record of producing formulations free of allergens such as pollen, gluten, soy and dairy…

Free of pesticides and herbicides….

And with Non-GMO ingredients.

Non gmo ingredients

Impressed with their knowledge and experience, my team flew out to tour their facility, and met with their director of product formulation.

We worked to develop a customized formulation that matched - and in the case of two ingredients, exceeded - the same high standards of flavonoids that my patients were taking.

That’s why my team has been working around the clock
to ramp up production. And…

This Year We’ve Strengthened
The Formula Even Further…

…to provide even better support for today’s threat environment.

So today, I’m extremely excited to get this immune health breakthrough
into the hands of more Americans.

It’s called

BioShield MD.

BioShield md

It’s a clinical-grade supplement that supports a healthy, balanced immune system.


BioShield MD combines 7 of nature's
most powerful, immune support flavonoids...

...into two small capsules that you can take with your first meal of the day.

And not only does it provide much needed support for a stressed out
immune system… when we all need it most…

...but many people report that within seven to fourteen days, they feel
better than they have in ages.

In nearly four decades as a practicing MD, I can honestly say I’ve never seen
a formula that works like this.

So let me tell you about the seven incredible flavonoids in BioShield MD, and why Americans should be taking every single one of them right now.

The Formula Starts With Quercetin

This flavonoid is incredibly effective at regulating both TNF-alpha13 and IL-614.

For example - we reviewed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 50 women with joint issues.

And the results were breathtaking…


500mg of quercetin per day led to a “significant decrease” in early morning discomfort, post-activity discomfort, and swelling.15

And that wasn’t just subjective.

Their blood tests showed big decreases in that nasty TNF-alpha cytokine, as well.

And in 2020, it became the most important flavonoid at my clinic.

That’s because quercetin also supports healthy, balanced levels of IL-6 in the lungs16.

And since that’s what was putting so many people into the ER, my patients considered quercetin their “first line of support.”

Many also think of it as a “last line of defense.”

Growth of malignant

One meta-study showed that it can suppress the growth of malignant cells…

…and even cause them to self-destruct17.

It’s something I truly wish I’d discovered for my Mom’s.

So in my medical opinion, anyone who wants to live a long, healthy life should be getting a daily dose of quercetin.

It’s an incredible flavonoid, with one big problem:

Quercetin isn’t easily absorbed into the body…

So Next, We Added Resveratrol

It’s the flavonoid you get from drinking red wine… and boy is it potent.

For one thing, quercetin and resveratrol are way more effective when combined18

But Resveratrol is a powerhouse in its own right.

This flavonoid is highly effective at regulating both TNF-alpha, and IL-6.19,20,21,22


That’s why resveratrol is my “go-to” in winter months, when colds and flus are most common.23,24

But it only starts there.

Resveratrol has also been shown to decrease the harmful effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet, and support healthy blood sugar levels.25

And amazingly, when combined with Quercetin, it can lead to a significant reduction in fat deposits!26

Remember - fat cells are like little cytokine factories, so being resilient means taking them on, however we can.

Moving on…

The Third Flavonoid In Bioshield MD Is Cocoa Extract

Cocoa was revered as a superfood by the Mayans, but even they didn’t know how powerful it is.

Out of the top thousand flavonoid-rich foods, cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram.27

Yes, it’s been clinically demonstrated to control IL-6 and TNF-alpha.28

Cocoa extract

But it can also limit production of another dangerous cytokine, called IL-1 Beta.29

This is exactly what I was talking about, when I mentioned how the combination of these ingredients, creates a potent immune support team.

Because while IL-6 and TNF-alpha are the most troublesome cytokines right now...

...they’re not the only ones that can cause problems for us.

That’s why it’s important to manage IL-1 Beta levels, and that’s why I’ve included Cocoa Extract.

Perhaps it’s becoming evident... just how powerful these little “natural defense” flavonoids can be?

But my goal wasn’t to produce the best solution “out there.”

It was to produce the best solution possible.

And to do that, I included four additional flavonoids, which had both incredible clinical studies behind them, and also… which delivered incredible results for my patients.

Of Course, We Had To Include Curcumin

This is the flavonoid that’s extracted from turmeric.

It’s well known for supporting a healthy inflammatory response.

Study30 after study31 shows curcumin’s powers at regulating IL-6 and TNF-a.32


The only problem is, most of the curcumin that’s available on Amazon or in drugstores isn’t very powerful…

Which is why so many people who take it don’t feel anything.

So my team and I selected an incredibly pure, potent extract with 95% curcuminoids.

Those are the antioxidants which give our curcumin its strength…

…and also, the “wow, I sure feel it” effect they experience with BioShield MD.

Flavonoid Five Is
Elderberry Extract

Now, almost everyone knows that elderberry is a go-to during winter months.

That’s because there are a host of clinical studies documenting its immune health properties, and how it can support healthy upper respiratory function.34

There’s just one problem - most of the Elderberry found in the drugstore is not easily absorbed.

Elderberry extract

Not only that, but much of it goes through an unhealthy production process - which is why it tastes so sugary and delicious.

Store-bought elderberry is like deep-fried broccoli.

Sure, it tastes good, but you’ve stripped out most of the nutrients and made it less healthy.

That’s why I selected ElderImmune for the BioShield MD formula.

It’s prepared using a meticulously clean, lengthy process - using low temperature infrared light, so it retains all of the natural flavonoids and polyphenols that can support healthy immune function.

It’s 100% free of solvents, cyanide metabolites, maltodextrin, and all the other nasty stuff that you’ll find in the drugstore brands.


It’s a brand new preparation, so clinical studies are still coming in…

But you’ll be as delighted as I was to hear that one mouse study showed that “ElderImmune inhibited the productions of cytokines TNF-a and IL-6 in a dose-response manner.”

And to ensure that you get all of these benefits in your cells, it’s paired with SunFiber, a patented prebiotic.

It’s such a powerful “feel-it” formula.

Speaking of “Feeling Great”, We Also Included Boswellia Serrata

In the world of Ayurvedic medicine, Boswellia Serrata is nothing new.

For thousands of years in the east, it was a go-to for improving digestion and managing belly bloat.35 ,36

We now know that it can promote joint comfort, too,37 as many patients who’ve tried it will attest.

Boswellia serrata

And amazingly, it also has neuroprotective benefits, and can promote a calm and upbeat mood.38

You see, Boswellia has been shown to modulate two other dangerous cytokines, called IL-2, and IL-10.

Remember - I wanted a full coverage formula.

Boswellia Seratta is one of the most versatile flavonoids on earth, and it’s something that everyone should be taking today, and every day.

Our Final Flavonoid Is ECGC - Green Tea Extract

My first reason for including it, is for how well it regulates IL-6 levels.

But it’s also one of the most potent fat-burners on the planet.

So this double-duty flavonoid got my nod in the final BioShield MD formula.

Ecgc green tea extract

One thing should be clear by now:

BioShield MD was purpose-made…

...built on the strongest research in the world...

...to support healthy immunity, and whole-body vitality.

More energy, sharper thinking, relief from achy joints and muscles, and easier breathing.

And as a sitting board member at the American Association of Anti-Aging medicine, I can say this, too:

If you want your brain, your heart, your joints and your muscles to stay healthy in the decades to come…

BioShield MD Should Be Your
Most Important Daily Health Habit

Now for just a moment, imagine the feeling of
taking this doctor-formulated supplement for the
first time.

Daily health habit

Each capsule is meticulously produced,
with clean, non-GMO ingredients.

The freshness is evident as soon as the safety seal is removed, as the smell of a natural spice market wafts out of the bottle.

A serving starts with two little capsules in the morning, with a cool glass of water.

Then, as the seven protective flavonoids go to work on the immune system, the changes could come on noticeably.

Some patients feel it within hours… looser and more capable, like the body is unwinding after years of being “under siege.”

Others feel it over the coming fourteen days, as they begin waking up with more natural energy, because their immune health and their life are back on track.

Now here’s something interesting:

Very occasionally, people contact our team about a month into their BioShield regimen, to tell us that they don’t feel anything.

And of course, I never want someone to spend money on something that’s not working for them, so I never push them to continue…

...despite the many documented, long term benefits of these flavonoids.

But then, like clockwork, I hear from them
again a week or two later, telling me…

“I Didn’t Realize How Much Better
I Was Feeling, Until I Stopped Taking It…
And Started Feeling Worse Again.”

That’s when they sign up for monthly auto-shipments.

Because for most, once they start taking BioShield MD, they never want to go back to the “bad old days.”

And my long term patients and customers were extremely surprised this year…

…you see, I had a big new influx of patients this year, and
one thing I’ve learned is that far too many people are
missing out on their core immunity stack:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

And Zinc

and Zinc.

And while I’d recommend that most people take these year round, they’re very important right now – especially Vitamin D3.

In fact, it’s crazy to me that the national mandate has been so focused on masks, but hasn’t even mentioned D3. We felt that.

It Was Our Duty To Include Vitamin C,
Vitamin D, and Zinc In BioShield MD, Too

…and even though it added to our costs, we didn’t pass along any of the expense to our customers.

It was simply the right thing to do.

And it sure made our customers happy!

They were delighted that they could stop buying these three supplements on their own, and save some money.

Vitaminc vitamind and zinc

Now is there anyone who shouldn’t take this formula?

Well, all of the ingredients in BioShield MD have been proven safe, even in high doses.

But the only people who don’t fall in love with BioShield MD are those who don’t have any immune system stress.

How do you know if that’s you?

Well, without running bloodwork, it’s tough to say.

But my at-home immunity test is a good place to start.

Good place to start1

If your energy is already top

Good place to start2

If your mental clarity is sharp as a tack…

Good place to start3

If your digestion is smooth and

Good place to start4

and if your joints feel like those of a twenty year old…

...well, you probably won’t feel BioShield MD as much as their peers.

Of course, that’s not to say that they shouldn’t be taking it - in my medical opinion, it’s the most important supplement to take right now.

The long-term benefits are well-documented.

And for most…

There’s Going To Be An Immediate Feeling
Of Vitality And Energy...

...as your stressed-out immune system gets the support that it’s been craving for years, or decades.

Feeling of vitality and energy

This incredible feeling of total rejuvenation is why patients had no
problem paying $99.95, for a thirty-day supply.

That’s what we had to charge when we launched it.

These premium flavonoids are expensive to obtain, and because we only produced 500 units a month, we didn’t get volume discounts.

But because of our country’s immunity crisis, we massively scaled up our production, so we’ve been able to negotiate some big price reductions from our suppliers.

So while we’ve settled on a retail price of $69.95 per bottle, we’re reducing the price even further while our country deals with this immunity crisis. Today…

You Can Try BioShield MD
For Only $49.95...

BioShield md

...or even less, with three-bottle or six-bottle packages!

That’s an instant savings of at least $20.

Unfortunately, for now, we can only allow purchases of up to six bottles per customer.

So if our three-unit, or six-unit options are available, then I highly encourage grabbing one.

Every package will include several free downloads:

Immune health guidelines book

My full set of Immune Health Guidelines…

Anti inflammatory eating guide book

My Anti-Inflammatory Eating Handbook…

Since we took this product live on our website several weeks ago, demand has absolutely skyrocketed.

We sold through our first 5000 units in just days, and had to take the shopping cart down, while we waited for our manufacturer to send the next shipment.

As I record this, 15,000 new units are being delivered to our clean warehouse, and we have another 15,000 on order.

We expect to have frequent stock-outs, so it’s “all hands on deck” with our manufacturing partner.

But one thing is for sure - we will sell out, and we will go on backorder.

We will sell out

So certain packages may be grayed out on the next page if that happens.

And unfortunately…

At Some Point, We Will Have To
Raise The Price Again

At these prices, we are barely breaking even.

We’re simply doing what we can to get BioShield MD into the hands of any American who could use it…

…and we’re doing it urgently, even if we’re just covering our costs.

We didn’t take any relief loans from the government, because we knew that other small, local businesses need it more than we do.

Yet inflation has been extremely tough on our supply chain.

Subscribe and save

So if you want to lock in these low prices, I suggest the
“Subscribe and Save” option.

Because I know once you start BioShield MD, you’re never going to want to stop.

It’s SO Easy To Feel SO Good

The standard dose of BioShield MD is just two capsules per day, taken with the first meal.

They’re small, vegetarian capsules, and they go down easily with a glass of water.

They’re free of all allergens: no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no shellfish.

And for even greater immune support, it’s safe to take up to six BioShield MD capsules a day.

Easy to feel so good capsules

Many of our current customers are doing that right now, which is another great reason to stock up.

So click over to the next page now, to choose the right package.

And here’s something to make you even more
comfortable with this choice:

Every Package Comes With
1 Year of Purchase Protection

Whether it’s one bottle, three bottles, or six, every package comes with our one-year, unconditional guarantee.

If you decide that BioShield MD isn’t right - for any reason - you can call us, or email us, and ask for a full refund.

Yes, even if you’ve taken every single capsule.

Ribbon Money back

All you need to do is send back the empty bottles, and we’ll refund your entire order.

It’s quick and easy to talk to one of our Customer Happiness agents - no complicated phone menus, and no hassle.

They’re a wonderful group of people - mostly stay-at-home Moms and Dads right here in America.

And their only job is to make sure that customers are happy.

We take security, and privacy, more seriously than most Fortune 500 companies seem to.

Highly secure checkout

Our secure checkout system uses military-grade encryption, so you can order with confidence.

And full credit card numbers are stored encrypted… so no human eyes can ever see them - not even our Customer Happiness agents.

We Work Hard To Earn
- And Keep - Your Trust

On the next page, where all of our packages are available, we’ve also included a few of the many testimonials we’ve received.

Not only that, but we offer some additional bonuses if you choose the 3-bottle, or 6-bottle options.

That’s because we like to have a direct relationship with our customers, so we can provide five-star support, whenever you need it.

So click on over to the next page, and choose a package before we’ve sold out.

BioShield md

That’s where we have reviews…

...as well as an FAQ that we’ve prepared.


It’s my sincere belief that…

Every American Should Be Taking
BioShield MD, Today, And Every Day

And it’s possible to get it for as little as $0.89 cents a day right now.

So my team and I are doing everything we can to get it produced, and into the hands of those who could use it most.

Most packages ship from our warehouse just hours after we receive the order.

So those first two capsules of BioShield MD will be getting to work in just a few short days.

My hope is that we put the past few years behind us…

…start you on your BioShield habit…

Targeted immune support

…and get feeling, thinking and moving like they did twenty years ago.

Now just for a moment…

Let’s Consider A Life Without
BioShield MD

We’ve already talked about what happens when your immune system is stressed out, and your cytokines get out of control.

It’s an immediate risk, yes...

...but it can also lead to serious problems down the road.

Immune system problems bioshield md

Immune system problems are usually hidden and
misdiagnosed as low energy, or brain fog, or
random aches and pains…

...until one day, when the problem becomes so obvious that even an average doctor recognizes it for what it is.

But by then, it’s often too late to reverse the damage.

That’s why I created BioShield MD.

Just two little capsules a day can improve health and vitality, in so many ways.

So go ahead and click on the button below, to choose the right package before we sell out.

BioShield md

We’re doing everything we can to keep the supplies flowing, and to make sure that BioShield MD remains available.

More energy


Pain free movement


Sharper thinking


Better digestion


Astronger more resilient body

A stronger, more resilient body…

…they’re all just a few short days away.

And remember, supplies are tight, and this pricing will not last.

So try a bottle of BioShield MD today, save at least $20, and know that the order is protected by our one-year guarantee.

  • This is how to improve energy, clarity and vitality.
  • This is how to support optimal immune health.
  • This is how to become strong and resilient.
Money back targeted immune support

And I’m confident that anyone who takes it is going to love how they feel.

It’s been my pleasure being here today, and look forward to helping further, however I can.

Click the Next Step button now, and let’s get started.


Yours in good health,

Dr. Mark Rosenberg


P.S. - since I last updated this website, we’ve received hundreds of questions.

And that makes me so happy.

When it comes to your health, it only makes sense to be as informed as possible.

So let’s go through some of the most common questions
I’ve received about BioShield MD.

Question 1: “I’ve seen some other immune health products advertised, so how is BioShield different?”

I love this question, because yes, there are other immune health supplements out there.

But BioShield MD was created to address a glaring shortfall.

You see, nothing else out there provides targeted immune support for some of the most dangerous, inflammatory cytokines in the human body: IL-6, TNF-alpha, and IL-1Beta.

These can be huge troublemakers in the lungs, the arteries, the joints and the brain.

And before they cause lasting damage, they just plain make life worse!

Low energy, fogginess, a depressed mood, poor digestion, aches and pains that won’t go away…

…these symptoms are all linked to these overactive, inflammatory cytokines.

So every single ingredient in BioShield MD was chosen to address these specific cytokines.

Each ingredient has multiple clinical studies behind it, with verifiable results. And when it came to reviewing the research, I brought my decades of medical experience to the table.

But what I love about BioShield MD is that it’s not “just” an immune formula.

It’s really a five-in-one health solution.

Of course it supports healthy immunity.

But it can also support better energy, mental clarity, joint comfort, digestion, and breathing.

That’s because it was designed to address the root cause of so many health issues: dangerous inflammatory cytokines.

So there’s really nothing else out there like BioShield MD, and I suspect you’ll realize that soon after starting your regiment.

Question 2: “Are there any side effects?”

Well, BioShield MD is made with 100% natural ingredients.

It’s free of soy, dairy, gluten, shellfish, and all of the other common allergens.

And each batch is tested multiple times:

The ingredients are tested before the product is made…

Then the batches are tested for quality and purity as they roll off the line…

…and finally, they’re sent to an independent third party for what’s called “DNA analysis”.

That’s where they make sure that the final capsules contain the same ratio, of the same ingredients, that we combine at the start.

And unlike so many other supplements out there, BioShield MD contains no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers that could provoke your immune system.

You can smell the fresh, organic ingredients as soon as you open a bottle.

I’m putting my reputation on the line with this product, so my team and I have done everything we can to make sure that every single capsule of BioShield MD is completely safe for you.

I take it, as do members of my family, and many of the wonderful people I work with in my office.

Now of course, there’s always a possibility that someone doesn’t tolerate a certain ingredient well.

So on the remote chance that there is something in the product that doesn’t sit right with you, then please contact my team for a quick refund.

At the time I record this, thousands of Americans are taking BioShield MD daily, so I want you to feel confident placing your order.

Question 3: “How will I know if it’s working?”

And this is my favorite question, because most people can feel it.

Some people feel it right away… they’re breathing better than they have in years.

That nagging pain in their knees starts to recede, and everything gets a little bit “lighter” and “easier.”

Others feel it in 2-4 weeks. They wake up feeling more fresh and alive.

They realize that they’re not dragging as much, and they’re more optimistic about life.

Lunch digests more easily, and there’s energy to keep up with the day’s activities, all the way into the evening.

When you’re out on a walk or a run, you think “let’s go another mile.”

And when you get home, you bounce up the stairs, just like you used to.

This is how life feels, when your immune system is running like it’s supposed to.

This is real health… it’s how you’re supposed to feel.

And the best way to know if it’s working, is to try this formula for yourself.

If you’re still here, then you should be ready to give it a try, so click on the button below to choose your package and get started.

BioShield md

Question 4: “How do I use BioShield MD?”

It couldn’t be easier.

It’s just two small capsules, that you take once a day with your first meal.

I recommend you take them with breakfast, for all day energy, clarity and immune support.

Then let the nutrients make their way into your bloodstream, where they can deliver all of their immune health benefits.

There’s no mixing required, no scoops, no packets to fumble around with… and the capsules are small enough that you won’t even notice them going down.

That’s important, because BioShield MD should be taken daily for maximum health and defense.

It’s an easy “healthy habit,” and in my opinion, it’s one of the best habits for anyone who wants a long, healthy life.

Question 5: “What if BioShield MD doesn’t work for me?”

Well, as an MD who spent the first half of his career saving lives, and the second half studying immunity, I believe that BioShield MD will work for you.

The clinical evidence behind these ingredients is overwhelming.

But I also know medicine well enough to know that everyone’s body is different.

So while most people love their BioShield MD, every now and then someone doesn’t “feel” what most others do.

I suspect that’s because their immune systems are already running well.

Imagine a car, whose engine had 80,000 miles on it.

If it had been built well at the start, driven extremely carefully, it was perfectly serviced, and it always filled up with premium gasoline…

…it’s probably still running well. And all it would need is the occasional tune-up.

And for some people, well… that’s their immune system! God bless them, and their incredible health.

Even so, BioShield’s ingredients have real, documented long-term benefits. They can make anyone healthy and resilient…

…which is why some of my most health-obsessed patients never miss a serving.

But no matter where you fall on the health spectrum, or whether you feel it working or not, my refund policy is unconditional:

If you don’t like BioShield MD for any reason, you can get a full refund on your investment.

And yes, I mean any reason… even something as small as not liking the color of the bottle cap.

And that guarantee is good for a full year.

I’m comfortable offering it to you for two reasons.

The first is that I know how well BioShield MD works.

And the second is that my reputation is on the line.

Money back targeted immune support 2

When you think of Sun Coast Sciences or Dr. Mark Rosenberg, I want you to think “honest,” “caring” and “fair.”

I’ve spent decades making sure that patients feel that way about me, and I would never do anything to compromise that.

So my customer support team has been carefully vetted and trained to treat you fairly, honestly, and with the utmost of care.

As far as I see it, my agents are an extension of me, and any time you contact them, for any reason, you can expect a helpful, cheerful reply.

And yes, that includes asking for a refund of your BioShield MD purchase.

If you don’t love what it does for your health – in both the immediate days ahead, and for the many years that lie ahead – then you will get all of your money back.

That’s my personal promise to you.

So please, go ahead and click on the button below now.

On the next page, you can review my medical credentials, study the ingredients in the formula, and choose your package, risk-free.

Thank you for taking your valuable time with me here – I truly hope you’ll make the most of it, and start your BioShield MD habit today.

Just click on the button below so we can put my formula to work, and support your health, your happiness, and a long life ahead.

BioShield md


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